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Referrals are the basis of my business and the best compliment I can receive from past clients. Please think of me when discussing real estate with friends and associates.    Stamie Karakasidis

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Ivana Milicevic

I have been working with Stamie for over 10 years. I have bought and sold many properties with her. She is a hungry and devoted real estate agent and a loyal, hilarious, and close friend! I suggest her to all my friends because she is so damn fun to work with with and to see […]

Abigail Treanor

Within less than five minutes of meeting Stamie, we ?Кукольный were sold, literally and wholesale mlb jerseys figuratively.  The In this particular situation, we were the buyers of a short-sale property and Stamie was wholesale mlb jerseys representing both parties to the transaction.  I know you’re thinking “short sale, oh no!” Jacobs but with Stamie, […]

Roberta Jacobs

“Your <a href="http://www.wholesaleijerseys website link.com”>cheap jerseys best wholesale jerseys advocate. cheap jerseys No Creating need Create to push, prod, fight, track, negotiate. She drives, updates, makes recommendations and when you are ready, gets back in the ring to fight your battles.”   1. An expert at the top of her game. She has a rare […]

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